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Mi yemalel

Mi Y'malel (or Mi Yimalel) (Hebrew: מי ימלל "Who can retell?")
(G e G a G C G C   G e G a G D G) 


    G         e        G          a       G   C G    C 

Mi jemalel gvurot Jisrael, Otan mi jimneh? 

   G                e        G             a      G  D  G 

Hen bechol dor jaqum Hagibor, goel Ha'am. /x2




   d                                A        d 

Bajamim hahem bazman hazeh,  

     d               A7         d 

Makabi moszija ufodeh, 

 g                                      A 

uwejameinu kol am Jisrael, 

 g                  D7           g - D7 (G e G a G C G C   G e G a G D G)      

jitached, jakum wejigael. 

Mi Y'malel
Mi Y'malel (or Mi Yimalel) (Hebrew: מי ימלל "Who can retell?") is a very well known Hebrew Chanukah song. The opening line, which literally means "Who can retell the mighty feats of Israel," is a secular rewording of Psalms 106:2, which reads "Who can retell the mighty feats of God." Below is a singable version of this song called "Who Can Retell," with words based on the Hebrew, as well as a literal translation.
Hebrew Transliteration from Hebrew English (singable version) English (literally translated version)
מי ימלל גבורות ישראל
אותן מי ימנה
הן בכל דור יקום הגיבור
גואל העם
בימים ההם בזמן הזה
מכבי מושיע ופודה
ובימינו כל עם ישראל
יתאחד, יקום ויגאל
Mi yimalel gvurot Yisrael,
Otan mi yimne?
Hen be'chol dor yakum ha'gibor
Goel ha'am!
Ba'yamim ha'hem ba'zman ha'ze
Maccabi moshia u'fode
U'v'yameinu kol am Yisrael
Yitached yakum ve'yigael!
Who can retell the things that befell us,
Who can count them?
In every age, a hero or sage
Came to our aid.
In days of yore in Israel's ancient land
Brave Maccabeus led the faithful band
But now all Israel must as one arise
Redeem itself through deed and sacrifice.
Who can tell of the heroic deeds of Israel?
Who can count them??
Yes in every generation a hero arises
To save the people.
In those days at this time
The Maccabee saved and redeemed
But in our days the whole people Israel
Will unite, arise, and save.



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