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Mose Allison Played Here
słowa i muzyka: Greg Brown
tłumaczenie: Tomasz Szwed
Cap. III harp. C

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Rozkładają sprzęt


Właściciel narzeka 

E7                                   H7 E7

Kultury chciałeś - cierp.


Kelner ma dziś wolne

Ostro wczoraj pił

Arogancki barman

Posadzkę mopem zmył.


Zabawa też nie wyszła

Kiepsko ktoś tu grał

Posadzka się klei 

Potańczyć gdybyś chciał. 


Podpisuję plakat

"Tu grałem parę nut"

Wieczoru dobra strona

Zła strona to smród.


Przepraszam, nazwisko pana?

A, tak, wiem - Szwed

Fani piją tylko wodę?

Ech strzelę sobie w łeb.


Publika nie przyszła

Bo widzisz jest tak:

Reklama kosztuje

Gwarancji zwrotu brak.


Wychodzę i mówię:

Ten zaszczyt będę miał

Bo w grudniu rok temu

W grudniu rok temu

Bo w grudniu rok temu

Wodecki także tu grał. 

"Mose Allison Played Here" by Greg Brown

"Mose Allison Played Here"

The joint is a dump
The owner is broke
At least that's what he said
The p.a.'s a joke
The waitpersons are snotty, the bartender's rude
They want to make sure I know they forgot me
But not their attitude
The bellyachers played last night
Everybody got sick
Don't even try dancing, your feet would just stick
The band signs their poster
"fuck u miguel"
And that's all the good part
The bad part's the smell
And what was your name again, oh - yeah - right - brown
Your crowd just drinks water
Surprised you're still around

And nobody's coming, because hey man you see
Advertising's expensive, hey, what guarantee

But as I set up I am proud to be here
Because once last November, Mose Allison played here.

Greg Brown (born Gregory Dane Brown July 2, 1949) is an American folk musician from Iowa
Brown was born into a musical family, and his father was a Pentecostal minister. Brown spent several years traveling with a band and before returning to Iowa, where he performed live and pursued his songwriting career.
During the 1980s Brown toured and had recurring performances on A Prairie Home Companion. Brown self-published two albums, 44 & 66 and The Iowa Waltz. A friend founded a record company called Red House Records and Brown became its first recording artist. Brown has recorded two dozen albums. In 1986 he released an album called Songs of Innocence and of Experience based on poems by William Blake. His album One Big Town (1989) won an Indie Award from the National Association of Independent Record Distributors.
The Poet Game, his 1994 CD, won a NAIRD Indie award, and Further In (1996) was praised by Rolling Stonemagazine. 1994’s The Poet Game saw significant international radio play (charting on AAA and topping The Gavin Report’s Americana chart) and earned not only critical raves, but also the Indie award for singer-songwriter Album of the Year. The Live One (1995) proved to be a fan favorite capturing the humor, warmth, insights, and spirit of his legendary live shows. His 1996 release, Further In, topped them all: critics called it a masterpiece and it received a four-star review in Rolling Stone. Greg’s 1997 release — Slant 6 Mind — received more of the same and earned Greg his second Grammy nomination. 1999 brought the re-release of One Night, a live concert recording originally released on the Coffeehouse Extempore label. His album Solid Heart CD was recorded in 1999 during a benefit concert. Two releases followed in 2000: Over and Under (Trailer Records) and the critically acclaimed Covenant, which won the Association for Independent Music’s award for Best Contemporary Folk Album of 2000. His 2002 album, Going Driftless: An Artist’s Tribute to Greg Brown feature guest vocal performances by Ani DiFranco,Gillian Welch, and Shawn Colvin. A recording of another benefit concert was recorded and released in 2007 under the name Yellow Dog on the EarthWorks Music label. In 2007, Brown was nominated for a Folk Alliance Award.



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