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Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

(„Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid”, 1973 Columbia)
słowa i muzyka: Bob Dylan
Mama, take this badge off of me
I can't use it anymore.
It's gettin' dark, too dark for me to see
I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door

Mama, put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore.
That long black cloud is comin' down
I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

Baby stay right here with me…

'Cause I can't see you anymore…

This ain't the way it's supposed to be…

I feel I'm knocking on heaven's door…


Son won't you remember me?…

I can't be with you anymore…

A lawman's life is never free…

I feel I'm knocking on heaven's door…


Mama wipe the blood from my face

I'm sick and tired of the war

Got a feeling that's hard to trace

I feel I'm knocking on heaven's door

Knockin' on Heaven's Door” is a song written and performed by Bob Dylan for the soundtrack of the 1973 film Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. It reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. In 2004, representatives of the music industry and the press voted it #190 in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time issue.
Although it was originally recorded as an acoustic song, „Knockin' On Heaven's Door” has been covered extensively in many styles, most famously by British blues-rocker Eric Clapton and by American hard-rock group Guns N' Roses.
The song was performed by Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead during the Dylan & The Dead tour in July 1987. Thereafter, the Grateful Dead (between August 1987 and July 1994) sometimes closed their shows with a performance of the song.
Other artists to perform the song include Bon Jovi, U2, Avril Lavigne, Bob Marley, The Animals, Wyclef Jean, Grateful Dead, Lynyrd Skynyrd,Aerosmith, The Sisters of Mercy, Bryan Ferry, Meir Ariel, The Alarm, Dan Kleederman Television, Mark Knopfler, Bruce Springsteen, The Tramp on Winchester High Street, Heaven, The Lost Dogs, Mungo Jerry, Luciano, Randy Crawford, Babyface, Beau Jacques, Chaozz, Roger McGuinn,Cold Chisel, Zé Ramalho, Sandy Denny, Antony and the Johnsons, Warren Zevon (whose version was released two weeks before his death), Roger Waters, Herman Brood, Nazareth, Angela Aki and Tomoya Nagaze. Duets on the song include a team-up of the South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo and U.S. country diva Dolly Parton, and the Red Army Chorus and Ensemble with the Leningrad Cowboys. Another more recent edition to covers of this song is one performed by Jane Gurney with backup singers Geoff C and Robert Staff. It was performed by Ruth Lorenzo on The X Factor (UK)
Although it is not a cover, Gabrielle's UK number one single „Rise” samples extensively from the track.


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