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Tears Of Rage

(„The Basement Tapes”, 1975 Columbia)
słowa i muzyka: Bob Dylan, Richard Manuel
         A                 fis                 D                             h

We carried you in our arms on Independence Day

G                                           D                    A 

 And now you'd throw us all aside and put us all away 

  A                                                         fis              D                 h

Oh, what dear daughter 'neath the sun could treat a father so? 

G                               D                       A 

 To wait upon him hand and foot and always tell him „No”


 Cis7                   fis

 Tears of rage, tears of grief 

D                               A

 Why must I always  be the thief? 

Cis7                                                     fis  

 Come to me now, you know we're so low

   D   A7 D7+A

 And life is brief



We pointed you the way to go and scratched your name in sand

Though you just thought it was nothing more than a place for you to stand 

Now, I want you to know that while we watched, you discover there was no one true.
Most ev'rybody really thought it was a childish thing to do.


It was all very painless when you went out to receive
All that false instruction which we never could believe.
And now the heart is filled with gold as if it was a purse.
But, oh, what kind of love is this which goes from bad to worse?

Tears of Rage is a song written by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel of The Band, the former writing the lyrics and the melody being provided by the latter.
It was first recorded in rehearsal sessions at The Band's upstate New York residence, „Big Pink”, during 1967, with Dylan on lead vocal. This recording and those from the rest of the sessions would not be officially released for another eight years, although they were widely bootlegged in the late 1960s and early '70s.
The first official release of the song was a studio recording made by The Band without Dylan, featuring Manuel on lead vocal and included on their 1968 debut album Music from Big Pink.
The Dylan-sung version emerged officially in 1975 on the compilation album The Basement Tapes. The song has been recorded by a number of other artists, including Joan Baez, Gene Clark, Jerry Garcia, and Albert Lee.
  • Rick Danko- Bass guitar, backing vocal
  • Levon Helm- Drums
  • Garth Hudson- Lowrey organ, soprano saxophone
  • Richard Manuel- Lead vocal, piano
  • Robbie Robertson- Electric guitar through „black box”
  • John Simon- Tambourine, baritone horn


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