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If Not for You

(„New Morning”, 1970 Columbia)
słowa i muzyka: Bob Dylan
( E A    E A   E A    gis   fis   gis  fis   E A   E A )
        E A                            E                  A

If not for you, babe, I couldn't find the door,

                           E                A                            gis fis

Couldn't even see the floor, I'd be sad and blue,

                    E A   E A                    

If not for you.


If not for you, babe, I'd lay awake all night,
Wait for the mornin' light to shine in through,
But it would not be new,

If not for you.


A                            E

If not for you my sky would fall,

H7                             E

Rain would gather too.

A                                    E

Without your love I'd be nowhere at all,

            Fis                                  ( H       A        gis fis )x4   E A

I'd be lost if not for you, and you know it's true.


If not for you my sky would fall,
Rain would gather too.
Without your love I'd be nowhere at all,
Oh! What would I do if not for you.


If not for you,
Winter would have no spring,
Couldn't hear the robin sing,
I just wouldn't have a clue,
Anyway it wouldn't ring true,
If not for you.

If Not for You” is a 1970 song by Bob Dylan featured on his album New Morning. The song also appears on the compilation album Biograph as well as Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II. The song was also covered by George Harrison for his 1970 solo album All Things Must Pass and by Bryan Ferry on his Dylan tribute album Dylanesque in 2007. Dylan and George Harrison played the song together during a soundcheck prior to the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971.
A successful version of this song was released by Olivia Newton-John. It was the title track to her first solo album, If Not For You, and became her first hit single reaching the Top 10 in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States Adult Contemporary charts.


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