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Those Sweet Words

(„Feels Like Home”, 2004)
słowa i muzyka: Norah Jones
Intro: A  (A5+  D  A)  x2  D-A  fis  D-A
                          A         A5+  D            A                 A5+             D     A

What did you say I know I saw you saying it my ears won´t stop  ringing

                            D -     A                 fis         D       -        A

long enough to hear those sweet words what did you say

                         A         A5+  D               A       A5+       D           A

And now the day the hour hand has spun before the night is done

                         D  -   A                  fis                              D - A

I just have to hear those sweet words spoken like a melody


                fis7          D      A                     fis      H7             E-Fo-fis

All your love Is a lost  balloon   rising up through the afternoon

                     D7+                         E E7 E6E7              A

'Til it could fit on the head of a pin            come on in

                A7+     D                A                          A7+     D             A

Did you have a hard time sleeping 'Cause a heavy moon was keeping

                            D       A   fis                              D    -      A

you awake and all I know is   I'm just glad to see you again

solo: A ( A7+  D  A )  x2  D-A  fis  D-A


               fis               D           A                D7+   H7            E-Cis7-fis

See my love Like a lost balloon Rising up through the afternoon

           H7        E E7 E6E7                        A         A5+  D    A

and then you appear         what did you say I know  you saying

             A5+  D              A                                   D  -   A                fis

it My ears won´t stop ringing long enough to hear those sweet words

                              D – A                             D  -  A                  fis

and your simple melody   I just have to hear your sweet words

                          D – A                          D  -  A                 fis     A

spoken like a melody I just wanna hear those sweet words

A5+* A5+* E4 E4 A5+ A5+ fis7 fis7 D7+ D7+ Cis7 Cis7 E7 E7 E6 E6 E6 E6


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